Back on FLF ;D from ScarletVixen's blog

I've been away for a few months, but I've returned to FLF and am happy to see the site looks great!

I moved a few months ago and things have been crazy for awhile afterwards, but I'm getting back to making Custom videos, Live-Camming (when I can! been a busy bee lately!) and making oodles of Fetish & Sexy Videos.

I also got into a few video game alphas and have been sucked in. Looking forward to WoW WOD too, just a little longer and I get to check out the new Garrison system and how it all works. :3 It's worth giving it a chance at least.

If you're a Star Wars fan and aren't watching Star Wars Rebels, give it a shot. It's surprisingly good, I'm enjoying it (also was a Clone Wars series fan, so if you liked that, you'll prob. like this one too!)

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