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Cherry? Weasel? Balloon? Whatever.

It's much too late but here I am still awake. I just got verified on here a little less than an hour ago and already have a bunch of goodies listed on my profile and am in the process of uploading all of the videos! Make sure to check them out. :)

I feel like I should write something of substance for my first blog entry but seeing as how it's so late and I'm so tired... I'm stuck. Pokemon. Let's talk about Pokemon. I never got into the craze growing up. A lot of my friends did but me? Nah. It just didn't seem like anything I'd be into. Fast forward to now... the time I started playing as a 20 year old. I still didn't think I'd like it but I got an emulator on my phone and downloaded FireRed and my fingers have been sore ever since! I started out with Charmander because I thought he looked the most badass. Or I guess I should say "she" since mine is a female. I just got out of Mt. Moon so I'm not too deep into the game yet but am loving it all the same. Do any of you play? What are your thoughts about X and Y? Any special Pokemon I should make sure I catch? I'm going to do my best to catch them all... ;)

On another note, I'm currently raising funds to help move my dog to a loving home. Long story short, my mom is no longer healthy enough to live at home and take care of him so he's at my uncle's right now. My apartment doesn't allow pets or he'd be here in a heartbeat. Unfortunately my uncle is being very mean and wants to have Cody (my dog!) to sleep instead of take care of him. It's ridiculous. Luckily my cousin said he'll take him as long as I can get him there... 1500 miles away from where I live. I'm going to need extra money for his vet bill (have to get him medication for his nerves before that long car ride hehe), gas, hotels, etc. So right now any purchases of my videos will be going for that. Any little bit helps! :)

Ahhh well, it's looking like it's my bed time. Sweet dreams!

xo Audrey
AudreyMyers Aug 6 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: new, video, audreymyers
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