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Just the mere mention of this webcam model will send a chill down your spine, and maybe somewhere else if your lucky enough. I'm sure most of you would of heard of DragonXflye, she's a full time cam girl and we're lucky enough to have her sign up here on freelivefriends.com, But if you haven't heard of her before, then that's not going to be a problem, as we are going to show you why you should grab some credits and get to know this hot babe a little more intimately. This brunette hottie is only 22 but she's certainly got a long list of admirers willing to watch her on cam. DragonXflye is an open-minded girl who loves trying new things, and she's got the whole girl next door look going on, and it actually suits her. 

I love a cam girl that can invite you in and keep you there, this is just the type of hottie that does that and a whole lot more. There are of course loads of sexy webcam girls, but let's face it not all of them have the power to make you feel like your right there with them, she can and does that more often then most other live girls. She also loves to travel and she's not just a pretty face, this girl is smart and I guess you could even say a little nerdy, but I totally love that.

Being an ex model she loves keeping in shape, and well you just need to take one look at that smoking hot figure of her's to see that. But she's far from a stuck up model, she has no problem getting in front of her cam and showing some skin, in fact she can't start the day without a little masturbation on camera. There are plenty of reasons girls choose to get in front of a webcam and put on a sexy show, her's is simple, she loves being the center of attention.

DragonXflye, also has one talent that I find very interesting to say the least, she can lick her elbows! And she can sing, now not many webcam girls can say they've got the natural talent this girl has. We hope you like this beautiful girl, and you should go and get to know her a little, she's very approachable and once you get to know her you'll look forward to seeing her daily on FreeLiveFriends.

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