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I'm super excited to explore more of FreeLiveFriends and more of you as well!

So here goes my introduction:

My name is StarrLo, you can find me at many places on the internet, I'm kinda a cam whore! Say, "Cheese!"

I really enjoy taking tons of naughty and provocative photos of myself. I love to masturbate and play with my toys, all while being paid in green and compliments!

I'm here to distribute my content and make a little money to help with my schooling and provide for my newborn son. All donations and purchases are extremely appreciated!

So while I'm pending verification there's a video-for free! On my page and here:)


Verified Model

Hi Everybody!

Once again we did not hit my new ratings total - so no titty picture for you, again. I guess a simple titty picture was not enough incentive for you guys. So I put my thinking cap on, and tried to think of what would be good enough incentive to get you to join Free Live Friends, friend me and rate me. That is when this came to me:


That is right, you may choose 1 of my videos from the Free Live Friends Store for me to send to you FOR FREE. DEAL EXPIRES 8/4/13

Now, I said it is FREE, but of course there are a few things you must do to get it.

1. Sign up to be a member of Free Live Friends http://freelivefriends.com/ it is FREE to sign up!

2. Go to my profile Katerina Pryde  http://freelivefriends.com/KaterinaPryde

3. Rate me! (the little stars on the left side, under my picture)

4. Add me as a friend (Add to Friends)

5. Go to the Free Live Friends store and look through all the awesome videos to find mine. And pick one out that you would like to watch.

6. Go back to my profile and leave me a note in my comments (or message me) of which video you would like to see.

As soon as I get your request and verify the steps were followed, I will send you that video on Free Live Friends! This will be a great way for you to test out this awesome site, and you get to watch me….and we all know that’s fun :)

*** This is only for adults 18+ years old. DEAL EXPIRES 8/4/13 Please keep in mind that I do not live on my computer and am not always near it, so it may take a small amount of time for you to receive the video. I have to manually release each one. Also, please make sure when you choose a video, that you are choosing one of mine - Katerina Pryde. I can not give out any other model’s videos. Only one video per member/person. DO NOT MAKE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS TO RECEIVE FREE VIDEOS. ***

Did you join Free Live Friends, friend me and rate me before the giveaway began? Just do #5 and #6 and I will still send you a FREE video of your choice from Free Live Friends.

I hope that I have to give away a bunch! And I hope you all enjoy Free Live Friends as much as I do!

Don’t see your favorite web model on Free Live Friends? Make sure you tell her about it! Word of mouth is how a lot of GREAT things start!

Please make sure you share this giveaway…..it is too good to keep a secret!

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