JessiShey is on of the cutest webcam models around, That's why we are glad to have her on board at Freelivefriends.com. Now she's only 21 and this fresh faced cutie loves being the life of the party, for her there's nothing quite like being watched on cam. I've watched her perform on her webcam before and she's totally awesome. This is just the type of girl that draws you in and makes you feel special. Jessi is a single mom, and I guess you could even call her a MILF, call her what you want really, either way she's a total honey. 

 Jessi is also Bi-curious so you never no what this girl is going to do on her cam, But that's one of the best things about cam girls they always know how to surprise us. Blonde girls always seem to have the most fun and this girl is no different, her webcam shows are not just hot, they're bound to make you so aroused you'll be begging her for more, and that's one of the best things. She often say's 'I don't bite' but trust me she doesn't mind getting a little naughty when she wants to.


 Besides seeing this webcam girl on her cam, she also has loads of erotic photo galleries and even some movies. You need to be a member to get access to them but trust me it's worth it. One of my favorite movies features this stunning babe doing a strip tease on a pole, she takes all her clothes off and shows why she is a total stunner as she rides that awesome figure of her's up and down the long pole. 


 I know you might not think a girl as hot as this could be interested in you, but trust me Jessi isn't your typical cam girl, she's down to earth and just loves having someone to talk with. Once you get to know her she'll be the best thing you have in your life, and let's face it who wouldn't want to wake up and see this gorgeous girls face on their webcam each and every day! 


 If this isn't your first time visiting a cam girl then you'll still love what Jessie has to offer, but you'll never find out if you don't go and visit her for some fun. Just send her a message and have a chat, the worst that could happen is she bites you) lol.

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Cherry? Weasel? Balloon? Whatever.

It's much too late but here I am still awake. I just got verified on here a little less than an hour ago and already have a bunch of goodies listed on my profile and am in the process of uploading all of the videos! Make sure to check them out. :)

I feel like I should write something of substance for my first blog entry but seeing as how it's so late and I'm so tired... I'm stuck. Pokemon. Let's talk about Pokemon. I never got into the craze growing up. A lot of my friends did but me? Nah. It just didn't seem like anything I'd be into. Fast forward to now... the time I started playing as a 20 year old. I still didn't think I'd like it but I got an emulator on my phone and downloaded FireRed and my fingers have been sore ever since! I started out with Charmander because I thought he looked the most badass. Or I guess I should say "she" since mine is a female. I just got out of Mt. Moon so I'm not too deep into the game yet but am loving it all the same. Do any of you play? What are your thoughts about X and Y? Any special Pokemon I should make sure I catch? I'm going to do my best to catch them all... ;)

On another note, I'm currently raising funds to help move my dog to a loving home. Long story short, my mom is no longer healthy enough to live at home and take care of him so he's at my uncle's right now. My apartment doesn't allow pets or he'd be here in a heartbeat. Unfortunately my uncle is being very mean and wants to have Cody (my dog!) to sleep instead of take care of him. It's ridiculous. Luckily my cousin said he'll take him as long as I can get him there... 1500 miles away from where I live. I'm going to need extra money for his vet bill (have to get him medication for his nerves before that long car ride hehe), gas, hotels, etc. So right now any purchases of my videos will be going for that. Any little bit helps! :)

Ahhh well, it's looking like it's my bed time. Sweet dreams!

xo Audrey
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And when the evening comes
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Today we have a special treat for you all. A Quick interview with the super cute tatted up and pierced beauty with an ass that most men would kill to even gaze upon, the wonderful Dahlia Dee. 
Picklelo: Where did you come up with the name "DahliaDee"

Dahlia Dee:  I originally started as "Black Dahlia" after the band The Black Dahlia Murder. Eventually I decided that was a bit too dark for my purposes but I still love the name Dahlia, so I switched it around to Dahlia Dee :) 

Picklelo: What made you want to get into the Adult industry?

Dahlia Dee:  I've always been a very sexual person. I actually started nude modelling the day I turned 18 and it's been my life ever since!

Picklelo: How has your experience in the adult industry impacted your life?

Dahlia DeeIt hasn't, really. Working as an adult entertainer IS my life. This sort of thing is just day-to-day for me.

Picklelo: How many different colors have you dyed your hair?

Dahlia Dee: Waaay too many to count haha. It's been every colour of the rainbow and then some!

Picklelo: What do your tattoos mean to you?

Dahlia Dee: They don't really mean anything, save for a select few. They're mostly just representative of things that I like, or things that I find pretty.

Picklelo:  What was the last spontaneous thing you have done?

Dahlia Dee:  Had sex in public, in the bushes...hahaha!

Picklelo: Do you have any hidden talents?

Dahlia Dee: I wouldn't say it's a hidden talent, but I'm big on weight lifting. I can lift a LOT more than people would think. :P

Picklelo: What song/band could you listen on repeat all day long and never be tired of it?

Dahlia Dee: Currently, either La Dispute or Skindred. It changes, though.

Picklelo: In your opinion what is your sexiest trait?

Dahlia Dee: My butt.

Picklelo: Do you have a favorite sex toy?

Dahlia Dee:  I did, but it died recently :'( looking for a replacement!

Picklelo Any guilty pleasures?

Dahlia Dee I'm a sucker for online shopping. That's my #1 guilty pleasure...and where most of my money goes! 

If you havent already dont forget to check out Dahlia Dee and all her amazing videos in the FreeLiveFriends Store .

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Good morning everyone! So, as you can see by the title, this is the first blog I've ever written! Hooray for me! I love being on this site! Its been about 3 months and I've met some really awesome people and I hope to get to know a lot more! Anytime any of you want to get to know more about me just send me a message!

I've had my new phone for over 4 months now and I have yet to put any music on it. I have so much music in my library, so it's taking forever. Super frustrating. I also hate when you feel like you've heard every single song in the world and there's nothing else to listen to!! I can't seem to find any new music that I like, it's been a struggle. I'm a lover of most genres so I have a wide variety but I still feel like i've heard everything haha. Sometimes music is like an escape for me so I love discovering new music, bands and artists.anyways I am going to start my day now.  Hooray! Talk to you guys soon!

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LOVING IT HERE! It is nice to be able to post and blog without having it removed,contacting the staff and getting an email back, being able to chat with you guys with getting "warning notice" I feel so free to really be myself on this site it is 
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I am adding a new set and you can get the passkey buy buying the video photo set blue new 
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    Getting my things on here
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Top four  shows I could watch over and over: Archer, any Star Trek, Adventure Time, and House.   I'm actually rewatching Deep Space Nine right now.  It was so before it's time. 
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