My first blog post. Hope you like it :) from Honey_Tits's blog

Good morning everyone! So, as you can see by the title, this is the first blog I've ever written! Hooray for me! I love being on this site! Its been about 3 months and I've met some really awesome people and I hope to get to know a lot more! Anytime any of you want to get to know more about me just send me a message!

I've had my new phone for over 4 months now and I have yet to put any music on it. I have so much music in my library, so it's taking forever. Super frustrating. I also hate when you feel like you've heard every single song in the world and there's nothing else to listen to!! I can't seem to find any new music that I like, it's been a struggle. I'm a lover of most genres so I have a wide variety but I still feel like i've heard everything haha. Sometimes music is like an escape for me so I love discovering new music, bands and artists.anyways I am going to start my day now.  Hooray! Talk to you guys soon!

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Apr 29 '15
nice one
Jun 16 '15
I love from behind!
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By Honey_Tits
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