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Top four  shows I could watch over and over: Archer, any Star Trek, Adventure Time, and House.   I'm actually rewatching Deep Space Nine right now.  It was so before it's time. 
Just moved in to a new apartment!
Moving sucks, but this time I hired movers so I didn't have to do any heavy lifting.
Now if I could efficiently UNPACK it would be great.
I think I'll take a nap instead ;)
I haven't gone anywhere!
Going to be posting some new content soon!


Added some new videos to the store!
Take a look!  Some are fetish, some are xxx, some are solo with toys, and I have a lot more to add.
I need to hire an uploading slave to take care of it for me ;)


I would love to have more rates :D

Not much happened today.  I did some web design work, had a couple of beers, and browsed the internet.  I'm probably going to head to bed soon but I wanted to at least say hello before that.
I have to, at some point, call the mechanic doing minor work on my car to have him take a look at it.   That means I have to get up at a normal human time tomorrow.  Ugh.  Getting up before 11am should be a crime!
I'm verified now and have a couple of things in the store :)
Excited about this site and glad to have found it.
I've filled out my profile and waiting to hear back on how to become verified.
Happy to have found a new and exciting place to interact with you all :)

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