And when the evening comes
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What is Zombrio? What is Bit Pay? Which one do I use?
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I've been away for a few months, but I've returned to FLF and am happy to see the site looks great!

I moved a few months ago and things have been crazy for awhile afterwards, but I'm getting back to making Custom videos, Live-Camming (when I can! been a busy bee lately!) and making oodles of Fetish & Sexy Videos.

I also got into a few video game alphas and have been sucked in. Looking forward to WoW WOD too, just a little longer and I get to check out the new Garrison system and how it all works. :3 It's worth giving it a chance at least.

If you're a Star Wars fan and aren't watching Star Wars Rebels, give it a shot. It's surprisingly good, I'm enjoying it (also was a Clone Wars series fan, so if you liked that, you'll prob. like this one too!)

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Just moved in to a new apartment!
Moving sucks, but this time I hired movers so I didn't have to do any heavy lifting.
Now if I could efficiently UNPACK it would be great.
I think I'll take a nap instead ;)
EmmaInk Aug 15 '14

Hey guys. Picklelo here to tell you about an amazing contest we just started. Win 500 credits for hitting the tweet button on the newfeed page of FreeLiveFriends. Participate by clicking the Tweet Now button. More entries increases your chance of winning! You may enter the contest once a day. contest runs til August 16th. so hurry and enter now. Done forget to buy credits and check out the amazing videos from all these lovely models. Plus you can also message these ladies, let them know how much you like them or ask for something special.


Picklelo Jul 17 '14

Today we have a special treat for you all. A Quick interview with the super cute tatted up and pierced beauty with an ass that most men would kill to even gaze upon, the wonderful Dahlia Dee. 
Picklelo: Where did you come up with the name "DahliaDee"

Dahlia Dee:  I originally started as "Black Dahlia" after the band The Black Dahlia Murder. Eventually I decided that was a bit too dark for my purposes but I still love the name Dahlia, so I switched it around to Dahlia Dee :) 

Picklelo: What made you want to get into the Adult industry?

Dahlia Dee:  I've always been a very sexual person. I actually started nude modelling the day I turned 18 and it's been my life ever since!

Picklelo: How has your experience in the adult industry impacted your life?

Dahlia DeeIt hasn't, really. Working as an adult entertainer IS my life. This sort of thing is just day-to-day for me.

Picklelo: How many different colors have you dyed your hair?

Dahlia Dee: Waaay too many to count haha. It's been every colour of the rainbow and then some!

Picklelo: What do your tattoos mean to you?

Dahlia Dee: They don't really mean anything, save for a select few. They're mostly just representative of things that I like, or things that I find pretty.

Picklelo:  What was the last spontaneous thing you have done?

Dahlia Dee:  Had sex in public, in the bushes...hahaha!

Picklelo: Do you have any hidden talents?

Dahlia Dee: I wouldn't say it's a hidden talent, but I'm big on weight lifting. I can lift a LOT more than people would think. :P

Picklelo: What song/band could you listen on repeat all day long and never be tired of it?

Dahlia Dee: Currently, either La Dispute or Skindred. It changes, though.

Picklelo: In your opinion what is your sexiest trait?

Dahlia Dee: My butt.

Picklelo: Do you have a favorite sex toy?

Dahlia Dee:  I did, but it died recently :'( looking for a replacement!

Picklelo Any guilty pleasures?

Dahlia Dee I'm a sucker for online shopping. That's my #1 guilty pleasure...and where most of my money goes! 

If you havent already dont forget to check out Dahlia Dee and all her amazing videos in the FreeLiveFriends Store .

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Happy 4th of July!!! Hope everyone has a fun & safe weekend! Cum stop by & lets create some xxxplosions ;-p hehe

Lets say your new to FLF or even an older member. Your scrolling through the site checking out the models and one really catches your eye, and you wan…

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Lets say your new to FLF or even an older member. Your scrolling through the site checking out the models and one really catches your eye, and you wan…

from FreeLiveFriends - Adult Social Network http://ift.tt/1nZTFP3
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