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Sometimes I feel like standing on the top of a building and scream "BUY MY PORN!!!!" - A 5 minute sneeze video sells in my store within an hour....add my first BJ video....crickets enter the room and a tumble weed rolls by. It crack me up! Ehhh whatcha gonna do right? (Make more sneeze videos :))

In other news - If I can get 10 more profile rankings on my profile by midnight est tonight - I will post a titty picture here and on Twitter tomorrow! So go take a look at my profile and rate me....rate me real good.... oh YEAH! *giggle* sorry had to go there :P
KaterinaPryde Jul 24 '13 · Tags: porn
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So hi!

I am Katerina Pryde, you may know me from MFC.... but more than likely not - LOL! I started camming in March '13 and started making videos a couple months later. I am new to the adult industry. I find it funny that they say the average girl gets into the adult industry around 22 (now of course that is "average") I am not 22..... I am north of that number, and we are going to leave it there ;)

I am an extreme Sci-fi lover. Comics and cartoons (specially 80s/90s cartoons) are also a big interest of mine. I am the type of woman who loves to watch Star Trek, but wonders what a 'Honey Boo Boo' is..... I mean seriously???? I dislike most reality TV....except the Smoking Gun Presents series and anything to do with finding old collectors items (Antique Roadshow, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars) oh and The Soup...because making fun of reality shows is HILARIOUS! (mmmmm and Joel McHale.... YUMMERS)

Well that is the stuff I can think of to ramble on about at the moment..... But I will be back - yes, that is a threat and a promise!

Check out the videos I have for sale in the store please.... I just made my first BJ video today! I hope you enjoy it!

Tomorrow is Monday.. oh no. Surprised I was supposed to have Monday off, but I have to work at the buttcrack of dawn- 8am. I never ever open where I work, I always go in after lunchtime, so it sucks when I have to open, and mess up my sleeping schedule. Oh well, that's retail life! At least tomorrow is my Friday, and I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, can't complain!

I have to work July 4th, which I am indifferent about. I already did my celebrating, so it's all good! I had a blast yesterday with my family and friends. We always have a great time when we get together. 

They are talking about boating safety on the news right now.I have not been to the lake once this summer, and I think it is way past  time to change that. I will try to go at least on one of my days off. 

Well, my microwave just dinged, my ramen is done! Time to eat and lay it down for the night!

PinkHeaven Jul 1 '13 · Comments: 1
Hi guys. Looking forward to making great connections and long lasting friendships. At the moment I have been overwhelmed with to many things that pre occupy my day to day. At times I wish I could drift slowly away and let the current take me anywhere. What an exciting adventure that would be. Just pick up and go. The idea itself brings forth unlimited amounts of possibilities. Where would you go? If you could just get up, and go. I would just go wherever the tide takes me. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe we go where we are needed. Maybe the need isn't our own. Maybe we never knew there was even a need for us? Ah, who knows ? I guess it's just one of those nights deep thoughts provoke me into restlessness.
PinkHeaven Jun 29 '13

New to FreeLiveFriends, The site looks like it has a very promising future...I'm enjoying it so far, generally very polite men which I certainly appreciate. Does anyone know if there are any female customers on FlF? Not sure how that works...

I went out with my friends this evening, but I don't like to party the way that I used to. The bar was trendy and over-crowded and my hair smells like 1000 cigarettes. My days of college-style hard partying are over. It's the main way I get to see my friends though. I work full-time during the week and don't like being out very late on weekdays since I have to get up early for work. I wish my friends were growing up at a pace comparable to mine. 

I'm not really sure what point I'm getting at here, if any. All I know is I've been awake for 20 hours now and it's time to peace out to dream land. Sweet dreams to me.

AshleyLove Jun 29 '13 · Rate: 5
Life is a complicated situation to understand. What is life, how did we really get here? We all came from eggs under the water.trees and grass came from seeds. I believe our stars are comet peices that exploded in the universe, but they exploded thousands of years ago, but we can see that explosion,in our sky now. I'm not sure if everyone knows, but most people say the sky is blue because of the reflection of the water. I agree. If there wasn't reflection, we would see into the universe, but I don't think so. It would be maybe a black sky but the sun still shinning.. hmm how would that be..earth was created by gases, liquid, hard rock, gravity, oxygen and more. Its insane how life happens right in front of our eyes!

Hi Everyone, this my first blog entry.......cheers....my cup of joe, already Sunday am.

These sheets feel like sheets of ice......I'm freshly fed, bacon, eggs, toast & black coffee.........but yep, back in bed, toasted warm...nobody really wants to enjoy this new cold creeping in.....even the birds are quiet except for those lingering on last call for love, but most all the love birds and parakeets have traveled on.  My breath looks like i'm blowing out a small hit of.....well, whatever all good small hits look like.  It's seriously that cold & I'm surprised my lips don't stick to my cup of joe. I have inherited this stray, but adorable burmese kitty who insists she's mine, breaks into my house and sais...hey there slave!! provide my bedding and tea.  In exchange she brings me baby mice, baby toads (they are super cute btw) baby geckos and really really big birds.   I just know the big prize will one day be a brown snake....thats great ;) thanks baby girl!! but she's no hunter today, noooo,She's  curled up like a little b*ch like me.  Sook... slack &  wants the Toasty too just after her morning tea of seafood barf and biscuits....yeah who's your mummy now?!!  Fur face and me will be here envious of you gorgeous ladies on the other side of the world, enjoying the sun and longer days, Spring crops, halter tops & maxi dresses with sandals......I'm not coming out til sexy comes back around in September.....wahhhhhh! get back here kitty!!  

She is weird, but popular. She is petite, but big in personality. She is the one and only Cassie Ramone. Anyone who has been around the other webcam sites for a while should already know about this little hottie, and now we are proud to present her to you right here on FreeLiveFriends. But just in case you have no idea what I'm talking about here, let me catch you up on a few things. Cassie Ramone is 20 years old, blonde hair and green eyes, single girl from Los Angeles who just may be addicted to Cherry Pepsi. I know what you're thinking – there's nothing weird about all of that. Well, you just don't know enough about her yet... and you definitely haven't seen her on cam yet if you're thinking that. You're just going to have to trust me on this, or not, I suppose you're going to have to find out for yourself sooner or later. If you spend some time with her on cam, or even check her out on Twitter (@itsCassieRamone) you will see why everyone has fallen in love with this girl... and why she has so many Cassiholics, as she calls them. You can become a Cassiholic too, and all it takes is one look at her petite cuteness and you may become infected... in a good way, of course. Her smile is what draws a lot of attention at first, come on just take a look at that picture above here and try telling me she isn't the sweetest looking thing you've seen today, but you will soon find out that she is more than just a cute smile. Cassie is definitely not one of these boring cam babes that you have had to endure before. She doesn't have the typical body for a start; she is very slim, with small boobs that are actually a perfect handful. How many girls do you know that celebrated their 20th birthday by riding a sybian until they had a loud juicy orgasm, and then uploaded the video of it?!? Not many, if any, and that's why we love Cassie. So I hope you will all welcome Cassie Ramone to FLF. Stop by to see her videos and maybe even catch her for a cam session. Make this sometimes-nerdy, super sexy, little blonde bombshell feel at home. Have fun as you get to know her for the first time or, if you're already a Cassiholic, just relive some of the madness that she brings with her wherever she goes!

Administrator Oct 18 '12 · Tags: cassie ramone

Just the mere mention of this webcam model will send a chill down your spine, and maybe somewhere else if your lucky enough. I'm sure most of you would of heard of DragonXflye, she's a full time cam girl and we're lucky enough to have her sign up here on freelivefriends.com, But if you haven't heard of her before, then that's not going to be a problem, as we are going to show you why you should grab some credits and get to know this hot babe a little more intimately. This brunette hottie is only 22 but she's certainly got a long list of admirers willing to watch her on cam. DragonXflye is an open-minded girl who loves trying new things, and she's got the whole girl next door look going on, and it actually suits her. 

I love a cam girl that can invite you in and keep you there, this is just the type of hottie that does that and a whole lot more. There are of course loads of sexy webcam girls, but let's face it not all of them have the power to make you feel like your right there with them, she can and does that more often then most other live girls. She also loves to travel and she's not just a pretty face, this girl is smart and I guess you could even say a little nerdy, but I totally love that.

Being an ex model she loves keeping in shape, and well you just need to take one look at that smoking hot figure of her's to see that. But she's far from a stuck up model, she has no problem getting in front of her cam and showing some skin, in fact she can't start the day without a little masturbation on camera. There are plenty of reasons girls choose to get in front of a webcam and put on a sexy show, her's is simple, she loves being the center of attention.

DragonXflye, also has one talent that I find very interesting to say the least, she can lick her elbows! And she can sing, now not many webcam girls can say they've got the natural talent this girl has. We hope you like this beautiful girl, and you should go and get to know her a little, she's very approachable and once you get to know her you'll look forward to seeing her daily on FreeLiveFriends.

Administrator Oct 7 '12 · Rate: 5 · Tags: dragonxflye

JessiShey is on of the cutest webcam models around, That's why we are glad to have her on board at Freelivefriends.com. Now she's only 21 and this fresh faced cutie loves being the life of the party, for her there's nothing quite like being watched on cam. I've watched her perform on her webcam before and she's totally awesome. This is just the type of girl that draws you in and makes you feel special. Jessi is a single mom, and I guess you could even call her a MILF, call her what you want really, either way she's a total honey. 

 Jessi is also Bi-curious so you never no what this girl is going to do on her cam, But that's one of the best things about cam girls they always know how to surprise us. Blonde girls always seem to have the most fun and this girl is no different, her webcam shows are not just hot, they're bound to make you so aroused you'll be begging her for more, and that's one of the best things. She often say's 'I don't bite' but trust me she doesn't mind getting a little naughty when she wants to.


 Besides seeing this webcam girl on her cam, she also has loads of erotic photo galleries and even some movies. You need to be a member to get access to them but trust me it's worth it. One of my favorite movies features this stunning babe doing a strip tease on a pole, she takes all her clothes off and shows why she is a total stunner as she rides that awesome figure of her's up and down the long pole. 


 I know you might not think a girl as hot as this could be interested in you, but trust me Jessi isn't your typical cam girl, she's down to earth and just loves having someone to talk with. Once you get to know her she'll be the best thing you have in your life, and let's face it who wouldn't want to wake up and see this gorgeous girls face on their webcam each and every day! 


 If this isn't your first time visiting a cam girl then you'll still love what Jessie has to offer, but you'll never find out if you don't go and visit her for some fun. Just send her a message and have a chat, the worst that could happen is she bites you) lol.

Administrator Oct 3 '12 · Rate: 5 · Tags: jessishey
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