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28 year old MILF from Wisconsin. The good ol' Midwest. When I'm not freezing me tiny nipps off, I enjoy inspiring my most deepest passion being an aspiring singer / song writer. I never put my life in danger so please think before you speak to me.<p style="margin:0;">I obey the laws and keep an virtual life and ONLY VIRTUAL life.&nbsp;</p><p style="margin:0;">My size:&nbsp;</p><p style="margin:0;">4 ft 11 inches tall</p><p style="margin:0;">100 lbs even soaking wet</p><p style="margin:0;">Double Jointed in legs and arms from childhood tragedy.&nbsp;</p><p style="margin:0;">Always an open book so come open me up and let's have an adventure.</p><p style="margin:0;">Kisses</p><p style="margin:0;"><br></p>


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Aug 19 '15
Hej da søde
Premium Member
Apr 27 '15
I would love to have an adventure with you sometime ?


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